i love One Direction, and what they represent to millions of people out there.

This blog is gonna be filled with all things 1D :)

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"   If you think that life in a pop band is normal, that it’s normal for you to stand on stage and sing to 50,000 people, that it’s normal for girls to wait outside your hotel all day and night just to say ‘Hello’ for two minutes… if you ever think all that’s normal, well, then you’re in trouble. That’s not normal, in any way. I think it’s very important that your mindset keeps hold of that crucial fact because otherwise it can become your whole life. I always try to retain some element of a private life, so I go and work with the band really hard and then when I’m not working I like to just see friends and hang out, go swimming, have a meal out, or whatever. After a gig or a really hard day with the band I always need an hour or so to unwind a little bit. It’s an amazing life to have, but I think the reason why people sometimes struggle with it is because the lines can very easily become blurred. It’s a tricky balance to maintain.   "
-Harry, Who We Are Autobiography +  (via halfsleeper)

Phoenix ~ 16/9


when the whole squads on point




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